Blocked Drains & Pipes, Staines

Persistent blocked drains and pipes are a big cause for concern.
The sooner they are unblocked the better to avoid further build
up of fat and debris. That’s why wherever possible we offer a
SAME DAY service .

Our vans are fully equipped with everything needed to unblock
drains and pipes, from high pressure water jetting units, drain
inspection CCTV, as well as a range of pumps, power plungers
and rotary unblocking equipment.

Causes of Blocked Drains

The biggest cause of a blocked drain or pipe is our lifestyle. We live in a disposable world, but what you think is disposable isn’t always the case and it is our own negligence that causes the costs of unblocking them. We all think because we flush it away and it disappears it has gone, but it hasn’t.

Tips to avoid Blocking your Drain:

• Disposable nappies – NEVER flush a nappy, even if it says it’s bio-degradable. It may be, but will take years to degrade in your sewer pipe – it will just block it. Bin it instead.
• Sanitary products, such as towels, pads and tampons – although it may be inconvenient, try to dispose of them in a bin. They are just smaller versions of disposable nappies, they will block drains.
• Cooking fat – washing up detergent may disperse fat in water, but it will all collect back together in your drain. If it is meat fat, wait for it to cool and solidify in the fridge and then place it in a bag and bin it. Cooking fat should be placed in a spare bottle and taken to the dump of a reclaiming centre.
• Cotton buds – do not flush. In the sewer they love to cling on to other debris, especially fat and build a nice dam in your pipes.
• Wet wipes – they do degrade in time, but even the manufacturers are now conceding that they aren’t really flushable and that includes the new wet toilet tissues. They are all spending money researching materials that will be truly flushable. For now - bin them.
• Any sort of food waste. Bin it or compost it, but NEVER flush it.
• Finally, if in doubt that you can flush it, don’t! The bin will be a better palce.

If you can stick to this advice, you are far less likely to end up with a bill for unblocking a drain.
If you do have a blocked drain or pipe call JetaDrain straight away for a fast, reliable service.

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