High Pressure Water Jetting to Clear Drains and Pipes

By far the most convenient, efficient and quickest ways of
clearing a blocked drain or pipe is by high pressure water jetting.
In most cases it will not even require access to your property
unless it is an internal drainage pipe that needs clearing.

All of our vans carry a high pressure water jetting unit, which
can clear the majority of blockages without any damage or
costlier intervention of the pipe.

What is Water Jetting?

Water jetting is a process by which a very high pressure hosing
system is inserted into a pipe or sewer and water under very
high pressure is blasted into the pipe to clear away and disperse
any debris that has been obstructing the pipe and which is then
carried away by the main sewer, or trapped and removed further
down the drain and a later access point in the system.

This form of drain and pipe clearance is much cheaper than
costlier intervention, which might be required to clear a more
stubborn, or established blockage.

How often do Drains need Water Jetting?

You may find that just that one treatment clears your drain permanently. Where there is intermittent blockages we recommend having drains jetted regularly, say two or three times a year, to prevent blockages before they happen.  In persistent cases of blockage we will recommend a close inspection and perhaps drainage repairs, or a program of more regular drain maintenance.

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