Rat Infestation in Drains

In areas with older housing and close to fast food outlets where
food disposal isn’t as careful as it should be, the problem of rat
infestation in a drain is a growing problem. Unfortunately there
isn’t an easy fool-proof solution to rats in drains.

Rats in Drain - Some Answers

There are several solutions that can be tried. Drains can be
fitted with rat valves (or rat flaps) which allow drain effluent to
flow in one direction but help prevent rats crawling through the
pipe against the direction of flow.

Alternatively interceptor traps can be placed to stop rats leaving
the main sewer system and entering private systems to
properties. This has the added advantage of preventing sewer
gas entering also.

Area of a drain can also be capped to isolate rats in a sealed
section, which prevents them moving to other sections of pipe
and which often deprive them of air.

In extreme case the drains may have to be excavated and the problem dealt with at source.

Our Rat Infestation Service

Jetadrain will first carry out a rat survey using cctv cameras to establish infestation and to see which routes the rodents are using as their main thoroughfares. We will then establish the best options for removing them according to your preferred method and wishes.

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