Drain Excavation and Repairs

There does come a time when a drain may need repairs
and these repairs sometimes mean excavation of the drain
to establish the precise cause. However with CCTV drain
inspection, using the latest cameras, JetaDrain can establish
just how necessary a drain repair is that requires excavating
is before digging up areas of your property.

When is a Drain Excavation & Repair Necessary?

If the drain CCTV inspection report shows a area of drain that is completely collapsed, or cracked so badly it is un-repairable, then drain excavation will be necessary to repair and rebuild the integrity of the drain structure. But this is always a last resort and we will only excavate the minimum area to repair the drain. JetaDrain always endeavour to leave the excavation as neat and tidy as we possibly can. In these circumstances we replace the broken section of drain with the latest materials, so that the chance against future collapse is protected for years and years.

How can you make the Repair without Drain Excavation?

Modern technology has resulted in the development of robust materials that can be used to line the inside of the pipe, which are then sealed to prevent any sort of leakage to the drain. These epoxy resin liners are moulded to exactly fit the drain by high pressure air, a process called inversion. Up to 50 metres of drain can be repaired at one time using these advanced drainage liners from a nearby access point or a small excavation to gain drain access. For more information, see our drain lining page, or contact us for more details.

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