Fat and Grease Clearance of Drains

One of the most common causes of a blocked drain is a build
up off fat and grease deposits that need clearance to restore
flow of water. And it is usually all self-inflicted. As we have said
before, we live in a disposable world. However, what you think
is disposable isn’t always the case. Just because we see it
flush away and disappear, we think it has gone, but it hasn’t.
It has just joined all the other rubbish we think we can flush
away and started a blockage of the drain. And cooking fat and
grease are the single biggest offenders!

How can Fat and Grease in the Drain be Removed?

We use flexible mechanical rods to literally scrape off the fat and grease from the drainage walls, then we use other rodding equipment to scrape and scrub the walls clean. This is finished off by high pressure water jetting and suction equipment to clear and de-scale the walls of the pipes.

What causes Fat and Grease to Block the Drain?

When fat and grease build up in a drain, pipe, or gully, it gradually coats the walls and reduces the bore of the pipe. Over time other debris lodges in the fatty deposits which eventually set hard like a plaster or cement. Other larger items of debris can then thoroughly block the pipe, such as a disposable nappy, or female sanitary products. See our blocked drains and pipes page for tips about how to avoid blocked drains, or contact us as soon as you realise your drain is blocked.

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