Drainage Surveys for House Buyers

When you buy a house you could be buying a property with
drainage problems you don’t know about, especially if that
house is an older property. A JetaDrain drain survey report
can put your mind at ease, or uncover a drainage problem
you might not want to take on.

Why have a Drain Survey?

It’s something few of us think about when buying a house and
it is something an ordinary survey doesn’t consider. You’ll get
the roof checked, the electrics and heating, but there could be a costly problem lurking beneath the house in the form of a collapsed drain, tree root egress, or more.

A drain survey inspection using CCTV camera equipment is well worth the investment, especially if the property you are buying is over 50 years old, is surrounded by large trees, or has signs of subsidence. Better to find out any problems before you exchange contracts than afterwards. A drain survey will map the drains on the property and detect any sign of collapse, state of repair, rodent infestation, damage by tree roots etc.

How do I order a Drain Survey Report and what does it Cost?

Just contact a drainage contractor with significant experience like JetaDrain and arrange a survey at a date and time to suit you. Typically the survey will take 2-3 hours for a 3 bedroom house, depending on whether the drain needs water-jetting first to clear debris which might impede the transit of the CCTV inspection cameras. The cost will vary from contractor to contractor, but as a rule of thumb allow between £80-95 per hour, meaning that the survey in total will be £200-300. Larger properties may take longer and cost more. Examined in terms of what you are paying for the property it is a small investment which may save you tens of thousands in repairs.

You will be provided with a full report, drain map and video evidence of any areas for concern. For more information or to book a drain survey, contact us directly.

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