CCTV Drainage Surveys and Inspections

We use the latest CCTV inspection cameras mounted on variety
of tractors and pipe crawlers, according to pipe size, to conduct
our drainage surveys. Our CCTV cameras have integrated LED
lighting heads, so that we can produce a bright and precise
video of the pipe being inspected.

These CCTV cameras allow us to accurately discover and
pin-point breaches of the pipe, or damage to its lining. We
provide you with a copy of this video including commentary
highlighting where any problems might be. The cameras can
deliver a full diameter picture of inside the pipe or zoom in to show problem areas in accurate detail.

CCTV Drainage Survey Report

As previously mentioned, following the results of the CCTV drainage survey, we supply you with a video of the survey as the camera crawls along the pipe and a written report detailing everything found during the inspection.  The CCTV inspection report also details areas of concern in the order of priority they should be dealt with.

House Buyers CCTV Survey Report

Too few of us think about commissioning a CCTV drain survey when we purchase a house, but this survey could save you thousands and point out any costly problems that the property is hiding out of view beneath the ground in the drainage system. See our House Buyers page for more information.

A CCTV drain survey, or inspection,  can save you from nasty surprises, thousands of pounds in costs and the time and inconvenience of making the repairs. For more information, or for a quote about CCTV Drainage Surveys & Inspections, contact us directly.

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